Catalogue text for the exhibition Fact & Value, new positions in sculpture and painting, Charlottenborg Kunsthal Copenhagen DK, 2000.

Author: Mikkel Bogh

Through the years Ane Vester’s work has touched on various levels of our experience of the external world, streched out as it is between bodily anchored sense perception, cognition, memory, and history. With the simplest possible means and setting out from a self-imposed expressive minimalism, she attempts to evoke qualities of experience whose scope reach far beyond the concrete material, since that scope, for instance encompasses the entire room in which the work is shown.
Throughout, her works enable one to maintain a double focus on the world, the starting-point is allways the sensory given, a thing in space, a colour, a concrete surface. But this material is opened up towards an otherness, a conceptual or spatial context that displaces it in unexpected directions. She thereby explores the possibilities of an expansion of things, and particularly colours, of their extension into space, whether it be of memory, of personal history or of an otherwise attributed sense.